Amelia Mouse

A delightful design for a special child or grandchild. Amelia Mouse is in her garden with her watering can, tending to her roses, lavender and gypsophilia. Around her are toadstools, a snail, butterflies and insects – would look lovely with a child’s name and date embroidered beneath. Suitable for all embroiders. Approximate size 13 cm x 18 cm

$ 21.00


Beatrice Bunny

A companion design to Amelia Mouse; Beatrice Bunny is in her parlour in front of a table set with a bowl of roses, sweeping the floor and colourful rug with a broom. In the background is a lattice window, a dresser with utensils and tub of washing. Ideal for a child’s room. Suitable for all embroiders. Approximate size 14 cm x 21 cm

$ 21.00


Enchanted Garden

A charming woodland design featuring a spotted, red toadstool, pansy-type flowers, berries, a mouse and a butterfly (DEG1). Ideal for children’s rooms. Approximate size 8cm x 11cm.

$ 21.00


Magic Forest

Matching woodland design to the above featuring a rabbit. Also with berries, toadstools, ferns and acorns (DMF1). Ideal as a pair to Enchanted Garden. Approximate size 9cm x 12cm.


$ 21.00


Monty Mouse by the Seaside

A delightful design for a special child or grandchild. This sunny day with a few clouds; Monty is on the beach fishing with his net; on the sea is a yacht in sail. Behind him is a headland and to his left a grand lighthouse. Suitable for the more accomplished embroider. Approximate size 15 cm x 24 cm

$ 21.00


Harry Hedgehog has a Picnic

A companion design to Amelia Mouse; Beatrice Bunny and Monty Mouse. Harry and Hettie are enjoying a picnic on a patchwork blanket in a field near the local village church. There are sandwiches, cakes and soda pop that have been packed into the picnic basket. Ideal framed or as a cushion for a child’s room or as a centrepiece to a child’s quilt. Suitable for the more experienced embroiderer. Approximate size 14 cm x 22 cm

$ 21.00


Terry Toad & Reggie Rat go Fishing

Terry Toad & Reggie Rat go Fishing (DTT1) – Terry and Reggie take to the water in Reggie’s boat to hook lunch but, instead, all they catch is an old boot. It features a shimmering fish and a dragonfly, a fuzzy bee, a snail, a spider and a can of worms – Approximate size 15 cm x 22 cm – 5¾” x 8½”.

$ 21.00


Woodland Friends

Large design matching Forest Floor though more free-style. With woody textures and featuring a hedgehog, berries, snails and mushrooms (DWF1). Approximate size 30cm x 21cm.


$ 28.00



Forest Floor

A large woodland design featuring a scene with toadstools, 2 mice, snails, a bird and many flying insects. As this design has a good deal of single strand shading it is suited to a more experienced needle-woman (DFF1). Approximate size 30cm x 21cm.

$ 28.00





One of the ‘exotic’ series of embroidery designs (DCA1), featuring striking colours, beautiful raised tassels and metallic threads. Suitable for intermediate to advanced embroiderers. Approximate size 19cm x 25cm


$ 28.00


Exotic Flower

A bright, bold design of Persian origin using exciting colours (in Peacock shades), shiny threads and beads. Approximate size 37cm x 35cm.


$ 28.00




This design has an exotic bird of paradise over flowers and berries and features beautiful colours. The design is more suited to the advanced embroiderer. Approximate size 40cm x 36cm.



$ 28.00


Indian Elephant

Something altogether different from the usual floral themes. The design uses unusual stitches, gilded and rayon threads, and beads on a beige linen background. Popular with current décor themes and tremendous fun to do. Approximate size 28cm x 21cm.

$ 28.00


Golden Persian Flower

A beautiful design in Cream and Gold. It uses rayon threads, beads and gold braid. It is quick and easy to embroider. Suitable for framing and for cushions. Approximate size 26cm x 23cm.



$ 21.00



A beautiful, colourful design on magnificent, cream, crushed silk. This design is embroidered in rayon thread and uses simple stitches. Approximate size 33 cm x 19 cm.



$ 32.00





Approximate size 37cm x 38cm.



$ 28.00



Approximate size 33cm x 40cm.


$ 28.00




Approximate size 41cm x 38cm.



$ 28.00



Approximate size 32cm x 37cm.



$ 28.00



Approximate size 30cm x 35cm.



$ 28.00

Elizabethan Serenade

A fairly quick, rectangular shaped Jacobean design that is embroidered in strong, beautiful colours, with beads and gold threads. Suitable for the fairly new embroiderer. Can be used as a small runner, tray cloth, rectangular shaped cushion, framed and as a design for a chair back.

$ 28.00


A block design, with a beautiful Jacobean-style flower in the centre, using soft antique pinks and greens. Suitable both for framing or made-up as a cushion. Approximate size 30 cm x 30 cm.



$ 28.00


Tree of Life

A Jacobean Tree of Life, which uses many textures of thread. A wonderful stitch sampler in gorgeous ‘olde worlde’ colours. Including animals and insects in the design. Very popular design with all embroiderers. Approximate size 33cm x 32cm.


$ 28.00


Ornamento is a Jacobean-inspired design; it can be finished as a framed project, or made up as a centre-piece for a cushion or even a footstool. The embroidered area is 27 cm x 27 cm (10½” x 10½”). The design – as shown – has been sewn in House of Embroidery perlé number 12 thread; however, a House of Embroidery to DMC conversion has been included. The design is versatile and can be approached in different ways; it can be stitched by simply outlining the shapes with easy stitches such as Chain or Stem Stitch and by just using a few shades in your own favourite colour scheme; crewel wool may also be used.

$ 28.00

Jacobean Runner

A splendid flowing design of interlinking Jacobean flower motifs. It is a large design 80 cm x 37 cm on a 1 m 20 cm x 65 cm piece of fabric. Though easy to stitch, because of the size it is probably more suited to the more accomplished embroiderer. An opportunity to ‘do your own thing’ in your own colourway (has even been sewn in creams, beiges and white). Has been stitched as a table runner, a couch throw, a piano stool cover, a bolster, a padded bed-back and even a stole.

$ 53.00












This is a miniature Jacobean kit predominately in Blue. Approx size: 11 x 9cm


$ 20.00





This is a miniature Jacobean kit predominately in Peach. Approx size: 11 x 9cm



$ 20.00


This is a miniature Jacobean kit predominately in Dark Lilac. Approx size: 11 x 9cm


$ 20.00




This is a miniature Jacobean kit predominately in Dark Pink. Approx size: 11 x 9cm



$ 20.00




Touch of Persia – Silk

Touch of Persia – (DTP1) – A lovely delicate, flowing design in two shades of blue; but can be embroidered in any two shades you wish – antique shades, pinks, silver and gold, brown and beige, pink and green, sunset shades – custom embroider the design to suit your favourite room. Suitable for a cushion (rectangular or square), a small table runner, a small bolster or the centre of a longer one. Approximate size: 33 cm x 35 cm – 13” x 13¾”.

$ 32.00


Little Jug of Flowers

A blue and white ‘Devonshire’ porcelain jug with bright, colourful violets and daisies. Easy to embroider and a lovely gift (DLJ1). Approximate size 14 cm x 10 cm



$ 20.00


Little Cup of Flowers

A sweet blue and white porcelain cup with bright, colourful violets and daisies. Easy to embroider and a lovely gift (DLC2). Approximate size 9 cm x 9 cm



$ 20.00





One of two samplers designed by the artist to brush up on the crewel stitch vocabulary and regain manual dexterity after years of absence from the art and later used as a class exercise to introduce students to crewel and familiarize them with two enduring motifs: the Tree of Life and the pomegranate, symbolic of health, good fortune, and fertility.
Image Size: 7-3/4″ x 10″
$ 33.00








The first of a planned series of three Persian style blossoms and pomegrantes, for those who cannot have enough pomegranates about. The design is full of movement, lending a lightness and modernity to a venerable embroidery motif. The design is a study in heightened relief, utilizing padding stitches to achieve a lovely dimensionality.
Image Size: 8-1/4″ x 9-1/2″
$ 33.00
Drawing upon the lush floral motival vocabulary of Persian embroidery and textiles, the Royal Persian Blossom Suite offers four separate patterns, all satisfyingly detailed and dramatic. Whether one is seeking a large, complex project, or an exquisite small one, there is a pattern here for everyone, from the most experienced to the beginner.
Image Size: 12″ x 13-5/6″
$ 36.00
Image Size: 5-1/2″ x 8″
$ 27.00
Image Size: 12″ x 8-1/2″
$ 30.00
Image Size: 5-5/8″ x 7-15/16″
$ 27.00
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